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Replacement Windows: 10 Things to Know

Homeowners replace windows for many reasons: to increase comfort inside the house, elevate curb appeal outside the house, fix a draft or water leak, or dampen disturbing outdoor noise. Aged home windows lose their energy efficiency. Shady contractors cut corners and install windows that fail to open, close, or vent. Whatever your reason for making… Read more »


What to Do When a Storm Damages Your Home

Heavy storms hit homeowners with hassles, headaches, and hazards. Pouring rain can flood your home. Powerful winds can damage your roof and knock down trees. Post-storm damage can jeopardize your health and safety. The total toll taken on your home often depends on the actions you take in the hours and days after the storm… Read more »


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No interest for five years
No interest for five years!

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One year. No interest. No payments.

*5.99% interest rate after first year.

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More than 95% of our applicants get approved. So your dream home is just a quick phone call away.

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*Only on Simonton 9800 series, KingWall & Millenium 7 part roofing system.

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  • the hard part.
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