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How to Build (and Afford) the Perfect Roof

Do you know what it takes to build the perfect roof? We do—and building your roof right is the secret to a lifetime of performance, protection, and peace of mind for you and your family. The perfect roof does more than cover your home—it protects your investment with lifetime warranties on industry-leading products guaranteed to… Read more »


Attic and Roof Ventilation: Better Breathing for Your Home

For most homeowners, the first materials that come to mind when thinking about a roof are the shingles, hammers, and nails. Beneath the surface, materials like roof decking, flashing, underlayment, and drip edges complete the new roofing system. But not many homeowners think about attic and roof ventilation as a part of the roofing process.… Read more »


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, and for a Special Long Islander a New Roof Came True

Life is full of setbacks—like when a back injury from a 2001 car accident forced Sandra Jenkins to retire early from her career as a registered nurse. But like a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, life is also full of the little things that remind us just how much people care. And when the… Read more »


5-Star Home Improvement That Feels Like Family

Any customer of ours knows that we strive to go above and beyond not just in hiring award-winning contractors to upgrade homes with industry-leading roofing, siding, and window products but also in treating you like royalty, delivering peace of mind for a lifetime, and making every homeowner feel like part of our family. It’s the… Read more »


4 Things Every Roofer Wishes You Knew

It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed when Mother Nature wears enough on your roof for you to call in a local contractor to reverse the damage. Every homeowner instinctively knows to get someone up on the roof as soon as possible before that minor headache grows into a major expense. (We’re not exactly fixing a… Read more »


The Great Vinyl Siding Refresh: To Paint or Replace?

We’re proud of our homes—and that means we do everything possible to make them look as good on the outside as we feel nestled safely under the roof with our families on the inside. Every home must also protect us against nature’s elements. And vinyl siding takes the brunt of the load against our exterior… Read more »


Replacement Windows: 10 Things to Know

Homeowners replace windows for many reasons: to increase comfort inside the house, elevate curb appeal outside the house, fix a draft or water leak, or dampen disturbing outdoor noise. Aged home windows lose their energy efficiency. Shady contractors cut corners and install windows that fail to open, close, or vent. Whatever your reason for making… Read more »


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