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King Quality is Long Island’s leader in roofing, siding, and windows, with more than thirty years of experience. We are proud to be the largest contractor — not just in Bohemia but in the entire Northeast, with more than 300,000 projects completed. Our award-winning team of contractors are experts in overcoming the unique challenges Bohemia homeowners face, including the threat of extreme weather conditions and ambient noise conditions caused by Bohemia’s proximity to Long Island’s busy MacArthur Airport.

King Quality is number one for a good reason. Homeowners trust us over other Long Island contractors because we genuinely care about their projects and we treat them like family. The end result is one-of-a-kind curb appeal that stands out in the neighborhood, providing an experience fit for a king (or queen).

King Quality Knows Bohemia

King Quality knows that no two Long Island towns require the same roofing, siding, and window solutions. We understand exactly how to protect your home from Bohemia’s mix of warm and humid summers and very cold, snowy, and windy winters—starting with the roof over your family’s head. We also understand that Bohemia – which is located very close to Long Island’s busy MacArthur Airport – with more than 300 daily aircraft landings and take-offs – is subject to a fair amount of unwanted environmental noise. This means that homes need to be properly insulated – both against the weather and against environmental noise.  

(By the way, King Quality’s headquarters is in Bohemia: we know and love this unique part of Long Island and consider ourselves privileged to be able to serve Bohemia residents with the finest roofing, siding, and windows!)

King Quality Provides Roofs Strong Enough to Withstand Bohemia’s Weather

A strong roof— supplemented with regular, professional roof inspections — is your home’s first line of defense against water damage. Each year, Bohemia homeowners experience a total of 111 days of precipitation, including 47 inches of rain and 28 inches of snow. A healthy roof, plus regular inspections, help keep your home standing strong against one of Mother Nature’s signature threats.

Water damage takes on many forms inside your home. Symptoms of water damage include peeling paint on the ceiling, ceiling and attic leaks, mold growth on the walls, and other common signs. Outside your home, water damage can rot shingles, create weak or soft spots in your roof, and put your roof and home at risk of more serious problems. A heavy rainstorm can damage roofing components such as flashing, ventilation, and even support structures.

Water needs an open passageway through the gutters and out the downspouts. A clogged or broken gutter system can pool water around the foundation of your home, causing serious moisture damage. A damaged roof can also cause decreased interior comfort, coupled with increased heating and cooling bills. If you notice your utility bills slowly creeping up—and not because of higher gas or electric prices—a damaged roof could be to blame.

On the extreme edge of water damage is flooding. Data shows there are 178 homes in Bohemia—about 5% of all properties—with a greater than 26% chance of being severely affected by flooding over the next 30 years.

Alternating hot and cold temperatures—which cause a roof to expand and contract—are a potential threat to Bohemia homeowners, with 7.6 days of the year spiking above 90°F and 99 nights dropping below freezing. However, a strong roof built to last can counteract the impact of extreme temperature swings on your Bohemia home.  

 A 50-year roof: Certified Strong and Designed for Maximum Curb Appeal

We believe peace of mind for a lifetime in Bohemia begins with the strongest protection for your home. Our experienced, certified specialists deliver professional roofing installation and the industry’s best manufacturer-certified warranty with full coverage for up to 50 years. We also believe nothing complements a durable, long-lasting roof like the signature beauty of GAF’s exclusive line of designer shingles.

We specialize in designer roofing to help you stand out in the neighborhood with a one-of-a-kind roof. Let our experts show you the newest and best roofing products and walk you through the selection process to design and build a unique style unlike any other home on the block. Make a quality investment today to protect your biggest asset and boost your front curb appeal by 50% or more.

We also take a different approach to roofing. As part of our patented 7-part roofing system, we completely strip your roof in order to get to the heart of its strength and longevity. Our roofing experts and GAF-certified installers guarantee all workmanship and products. Our complete home walk-around and professional attic inspection diagnoses and treats all the trouble spots that might someday put your roof and home at risk.

King Quality is more than just roofing. We also upgrade Bohemia homes with super-strong siding built to weather any storm and the highest-rated, most elegant windows built to bring out the best in your home.

Super-strong, Sound-insulating Siding for Bohemia’s Unique Environment

We believe siding should do more than just make your Bohemia home stand out in the neighborhood. We engineered our KingWall siding with a unique 6 to 7-inch reveal—almost twice the size of the average siding—to perform for the long haul and protect against the elements. This extra-thick siding also helps insulate your home’s interior against environmental noises such as those likely to be experienced in Bohemia due to its proximity to a busy airport.

Only King Quality offers exclusive siding products complete with guaranteed workmanship to give your siding both style and substance. Discover siding built for quality, performance, and energy efficiency. Our super strong siding resists impacts and moisture, blocks out noise and wind, and improves insulation. A non-prorated lifetime warranty means King Quality has your back any time your siding cracks, fades, chalks, or blows off your house. Our exclusive insulated vinyl siding also shrinks heat and energy loss through the studs.

Choose from 23 rich, earthy, and expressive colors to bring out your home’s natural beauty. King Quality has a siding style to match your home’s unique personality,  complete with exterior details that will heighten your home’s curb appeal. Expect nothing but the best from the longest and most-awarded continuous installer of insulated composite siding.

Robust, Energy-efficient, Sound-insulating Windows for Bohemia

King Quality is proud to be an exclusive distributor and certified installer of King Quality Windows.  These high-grade windows combine high-performance, low-e glass coatings with fusion welded multi-chamber frames and sashes for ultimate integrity and energy savings. These energy-efficient windows are tested to meet the standards of the industry’s most demanding AAMA Gold Label Certification Program. They’re backed up by King Quality’s double-lifetime warranty and are designed to keep bad weather – and unwanted noises – exactly where they belong: outside your home.

Our decades on the job means we know how to get the job done right. We make our custom windows fit your home—rather than make your home fit the windows. It’s all part of the King Quality difference.

Royal Treatment for You and Your Bohemia Home

Ready to upgrade your Bohemia home with new roofing, siding, or windows? At King Quality, our decades on the job and exclusive partnerships mean leading manufacturers trust us to install only the highest quality products. And King Quality’s affordable financing programs make your dream of a unique, quality-driven home a reality.

We put lifetime warranties, certified and award-winning installers, and low monthly payments behind every project to turn Bohemia homes into quiet, weather-protected castles. Call us today at 631-573-0642 to schedule a free consultation—and discover royal treatment for you and your home.

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