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Bohemia, New York, on the South Shore of Long Island, is a hamlet located within the town of Islip. It’s a pleasant place to live, with many residents engaging in waterside recreational activities such as boating, swimming, or partaking of the natural beauty of Bohemia’s Connetquot River State Park Preserve.

Bohemia’s Exposure to Coastal Storms Can Endanger Integrity of Local Roofs

Bohemia, like other towns on Long Island’s South shore, is exposed to the same kind of rough weather affecting other towns and hamlets located in this part of Long Island, including fast-moving coastal storms and hurricanes. Consequently, it’s important for Bohemia residents to have strong roofs protecting their homes. Storms and hurricanes can cause direct damage to roofs in the form of damaged and dislodged roofing materials. They can also cause indirect damage if above-ground electrical power lines and tall trees topple and impact roofs (Bohemia relies on above-ground power lines to deliver electricity and has many tall trees within the hamlet’s perimeter).

King Quality’s Timberline Shingles Can Endure Winds up to 130 mph in Bohemia
The good news is that it’s not at all difficult to acquire a strong roof that can withstand the worst weather likely to be experienced in Bohemia. King Quality ensures the safety of Bohemia homes with the most robust and reliable roofing shingles available in the industry. For example, King Quality offers the GAF Timberline line of shingles, which are designed to endure winds of up to 130 mph. And the fact that King Quality – Long Island’s most renowned, most awarded roofing contractor – has its headquarters in Bohemia means it will quickly respond to any inquiries or service requests made by Bohemia residents in short order.

Regular Roof Inspections Recommended in Bohemia

King Quality is a strong advocate and practitioner of proactive, preventative roof maintenance. Regular roof inspections can ensure that any small roofing issues that might be present do not morph into larger ones. King Quality’s 50-year, non-prorated warranty means Bohemia residents never need to worry about future roof damage.

King Quality is Preferred Choice for Roofing in Bohemia

Ready to enhance and fortify your Bohemia residence with a new roof that can protect your home in any kind of weather? King Quality’s extensive on-the-job experience, exclusive partnerships with top manufacturers, and peerless reputation mean you can trust us to do excellent work. We stand by every project with lifetime warranties, certified and award-winning installers, and budget-friendly monthly payment options, making it easy for Bohemia residents to transform their homes into beautiful, weather-resistant fortresses.

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