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Bohemia – a hamlet on the South Shore of Long Island about 50 miles from Manhattan – offers many pleasures to its residents. But this suburban community is no stranger to bad weather of the kind frequently seen on this part of Long Island, including coastal storms and hurricanes.


Bad Weather in Bohemia Can Cause Damage to Windows and Window Seals

Such bad weather can have negative effects on the exterior or your home, including its windows. High winds can blow debris around that can impact the window itself. Such winds can also cause the critical waterproofing seal around your windows to lose integrity, admitting water into your home. That’s why it’s imperative for Bohemia residents to equip their houses with windows that are strong enough to stand up to bad weather.


Sound-Insulating Windows Can Help Quash Noise from Major Airport Near Bohemia
Preventing unwanted noise from entering your home is another important function provided by your windows. Bohemia is very close to MacArthur Airport, a busy transportation facility with more than 300 daily departures and arrivals. Noises from overflying airplanes and helicopters can be very annoying and stressful unless steps are taken to install sound-insulating windows.

King Quality’s Expertise and Track Record Make It the Preferred Choice for Windows in Bohemia

Fortunately, King Quality can provide your Bohemia home with beautiful, durable, protective windows that are backed by a double-lifetime limited warranty. These windows will keep bad weather – and unwanted aircraft noise — where they belong: outside your home. They also can help you save money on your heating bills. We suggest that you pair King Quality’s KingWall siding with King Quality ENERGY STAR-rated windows and doors. Doing so will save you money and ensure that your home’s interior will be quieter and more peaceful.

Ready to equip your Bohemia home with the strongest, most beautiful windows that money can buy? King Quality’s established track record and access to the finest, most durable window products provides Bohemia homeowners confidence that their new windows will withstand any bad weather – or unwanted noise — likely to arrive now or in the future.


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