How to Choose the Best Window Style for Your Home

Gorgeous views, warm sunlight, instant curb appeal—everyone loves beautiful home windows inside and out. The perfect window brings the outdoors in and at the same time connects you with your home’s exterior for added safety and security. Whether you desire the comfort of reading a book in a cozy, sunlit nook or a more attractive view from inside the living room or out in the street, consider our tips for choosing the best window style for your home.

Consider your home’s unique architectural style (and story)

Your home’s architectural design tells a detailed story about the best window style for your home. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors perfectly suit a modern and contemporary home, the same way classic diamond-shaped mullions uniquely fit a traditional Tudor style home. Every home is different and so is its story—all you have to do is listen.

Find your window’s purpose

Basic functions aside—like letting light in—home windows serve many purposes. Sliding glass doors create access to backyard porches while ornamental windows elevate your home’s aesthetics. To find your window’s purpose, consider the room. What’s more important—creating a view or letting light into a dark space? Begin with purpose and let the best window style find you.

Think about frame and mullion color

The color of your home adds even more to its story—this part suggests the best frames and mullions to complement your home décor. For both wood and metal frames, select a manufacturer with factory colors already infused into the material. For a custom design, color your frames and mullions with high-quality and professional-grade exterior paint.

Don’t forget the accent colors

The right exterior paint color palette makes a home uniquely yours. The accent colors for your window frames make up a significant part of that palette. Start with a trim color for your home and use that same color on your window frames.

You can also select a field color for your home and two accent colors—one for the trim and the other for the window frames, doorways and garage door. Pre-chosen color palettes—available at any local print or home improvement store—make finding the best accent colors quick and easy.

Consider your ventilation needs

Ventilation—the ability to move fresh air in and out of a room—tops the list of a home window’s essential purposes. Does your room require operable windows you can open and close to circulate the air or fixed large expansive windows to enhance your view from the inside? If you’re like most homeowners, chances are your home requires a combination of both types of windows.

Design for your home’s interior

Designer windows elevate any home’s curb appeal. But like many things in life, what happens on the inside counts for even more. Windows create an experience inside your home and the right one for the room ensures the best possible experience.

The perfect bathroom window lets light in but also obstructs direct viewing angles from outside. In living rooms and public spaces, large picture windows not only let in maximum light but also create calming views. Consider the unique design and function of a room to find the best window size, style and shape.

Orient around the sun

How does your home sit in relation to the sunrise and sunset? Your home’s geographic location can create too much late-day sun in the family room—obstructing your view of the television—or too much unwelcomed sun in the bedroom—waking you before the morning alarm. Sunlight makes a huge difference in a home. You can even heat and cool your home more efficiently by orienting your windows around the sun.

Consider how the window operates

Every type of window—from classic sash to double hung to hopper to awning window—operates in a different way. The movable portion of a window can slide top-to-bottom, side-to-side or at an angle. Some windows solve functional needs in apartments and older homes while others work best over doorways. A certified contractor can help you select the best operation style for your unique needs.

Create an interior focal point

From picturesque views to unique architecture, the right window style, shape, color and detail creates the perfect focal point to play up your interior. Bay windows placed together can create more floor space inside a bathroom or kitchen while diamond mullion designs can match your home’s interior details to its exterior architectural style.

Kick-start your renovation project

Most homeowners interested in a remodel think about kitchens and bathrooms. But don’t overlook the windows as an essential part of a home renovation. Modern brands use newer manufacturing processes to make home windows more energy efficient, saving you money with lower utility bills and more potential income tax credits.

Royal treatment for you and your home

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