What Happens When You Don’t Take Care of Your Roof?

“Roof” and “replacement” are two words no homeowner ever wants to hear in the same sentence. It’s an expensive, time-consuming and patience-testing process we all dread but have to face sooner or later. No homeowner can put off a roof replacement forever, but every homeowner can take steps — like regular roof maintenance and timely repair — to keep small problems from growing into big (and costly) ones down the road.

Consider what happens when you don’t take care of your roof:

Your energy bills will increase.
It may only be a matter of time before everyday wear and tear puts a hole in your roof. Holes cause air to escape and that means double duty for your HVAC system. The harder your system has to work to heat and cool your home, the more you can expect to pay on your energy bills. Fix the problem when you find it to save energy and money.

Your roof will leak.
Holes — including cracks, blemishes, breaks, tears and other problems — can do a lot more damage than hike up your energy bills. One small rainstorm can transform a small leak into extensive (and expensive) water damage. Time is not your friend — as roof leaks only get worse over time. Water can seep down into your roof, drip to other areas of your home, weigh down the ceiling and compromise both your insulation and the entire structure of your home. It’s better to fix a small leak today than pay for a much larger problem years down the road.

Your house can grow mold.
Leaking water has an ugly cousin — and its name is “mold.” Mold is not just expensive to remove — it can threaten your family’s health. Regular roof maintenance, including cleaning out the gutters, checking for wet insulation and fixing leaks right away, prevents the potential build-up of mold. But don’t delay. Let the problem fester for too long and you might be paying not just for costly mold removal but also for a complete roof replacement.

Pests may infest your home.
What more could go wrong than higher energy bills, water damage, costly mold removal and perhaps even a roof replacement? In a word: pests. Holes in roofs are like open doors for insects, rodents and even raccoons. Neglect your roof and it could become a hot spot for pests to move in and settle down with no plans to ever pack up and leave. Their presence can harm your roof in all sorts of ways and some may make their way beyond the roof and into your living space. From the high costs to the health risks to the headaches, a pest infestation is a problem that nobody wants.

Ice dams can damage your home.

Ice dams can cause significant damage to your home. Walls of ice at the edge of the roof can lift up the shingles, allowing melted snow to seep into your walls, ceilings, insulation and other interior areas. The pressure and weight from the dams can tear down the gutters and cause structural damage and flooding. Water from melted snow can make insulation ineffective and develop mold.

The key to dealing with ice dams is preventing them from forming in the first place. And the best way to do that is by winterizing your roof. Clean your gutters and downspouts, trim overhanging tree branches, inspect your roof regularly and insulate and ventilate your attic properly to prevent a world of damage.

Take the long view.
It’s easy to neglect a roof. Taking care of your roof requires money, time and energy — but it’s critical to take the long view. Neglecting your roof in the short term can backfire in huge ways in the long run. Small problems turn into much larger ones the longer you delay regular repair and maintenance.

Remember: time creates holes, holes become leaks, leaks grow mold, and mold puts your family’s health at risk. Taking care of your roof — and fixing that small hole from the start — can help prevent a world of damage to your roof and everything beneath it.

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