Top 4 Reasons Your New Roof Could Fail

Top ways a new roof can collapse.

In the roofing business, we see it all the time: homeowners calling us to fix shoddy work; attics unable to breathe because of lousy ventilation; roofs at risk of collapse because cheap, unreliable products were used and important corners were cut by lazy contractors. The lucky homeowners call us in the nick of time—just before their new roofs fail.

Everyone wants a strong, dependable and long-lasting roof. But not everyone knows the steps to build one. Buying the right shingles doesn’t guarantee longevity. Saving money today can cost you dearly in the future. Just because a contractor has the cheap bid doesn’t mean it’s the right bid.

The good news: just one decision will ensure a healthy roof over your head—hiring the right contractor. Only a pro knows how to avoid the mistakes that can cause your new roof to fail.

  1. Shoddy installation.

A botched installation can cause a new roof to fail, even when the best roofing materials are used. Only a pro with years on the job can smoothly coordinate the installation process so that the end result truly protects your home. A certified contractor intimately familiar with all aspects of roofing products—from the manufacturer’s roof deck protection to the leak barriers to the ventilation—has the tools, experience, and competence to build a roof with the strength to pass the test of time.

  1. Poor ventilation.

A well-balanced attic ventilation system—combining intake to allow cool, fresh air to enter the attic and exhaust to push hot, moist air out—keeps a new roof in good health. Otherwise, damaging heat and moisture can build up in the summer and dangerous ice dams can form in the winter. Most homeowners don’t realize how much roof longevity depends on an attic that can breathe—but you can bet a pro knows all about it.

  1. Wrong materials.

It’s obvious why a homeowner in search of a roofing contractor would select the cheapest bid. But at what cost? If the “more affordable” contractor skimps on important items such as edge metal, sealants or leak barriers, it could cost you more in the long run. You get what you pay for in business and life. A new roof is one of the last places you want to skimp on materials to save a few bucks. Paying a bit more upfront for a pro is always worth the investment.

  1. Cut corners.

Cutting corners is the calling card of the lazy contractor. A mediocre job—like using caulk to seal a chimney or skylight instead of using step and counter flashing—can only lead to big trouble down the road. Caulk can break down over time and water can leak into the home through the flashing. Why do some contractors take the easy way out? Because it’s harder to do the job right. A pro, on the other hand, does the due diligence to cover every corner and contingency.

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