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Mount Vernon, NY, with a population of about 74,000, is the 24th-largest municipality in New York State. Named after George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate in Virginia, Mount Vernon is bordered by the Bronx on its southern edge, by Yonkers to the west, Bronxville to the north and the Village of Pelham to the East. A major Metro North/Amtrak rail line bisects Mount Vernon, effectively dividing the city into two main areas. The south side is more urban, housing the downtown business district which includes City Hall, the main post office, Mount Vernon Public Library, office buildings, and various other municipal facilities. In contrast, the north side is primarily residential.

Mount Vernon, NY, offers a wide range of community resources and amenities designed to serve residents of all ages. The city features numerous parks and recreational areas, including  Willson’s Woods Park and Brush Park. Educational needs are addressed by the Mount Vernon City School District and the Westchester Community College Extension Center, while healthcare services are available at Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital and various local health centers. Cultural enrichment is supported by venues like The Mount Vernon Arts and Cultural Center, alongside a lively downtown area filled with shops, restaurants, and community spaces. Public transportation is convenient with Metro-North Railroad and the Bee-Line Bus System, enhancing connectivity within the city and beyond. Together, these resources and amenities significantly enhance the quality of life in Mount Vernon, making it a vibrant and welcoming place to live.

While Mount Vernon is a fine place to reside and raise a family, the community has been negatively affected by severe weather events in recent years. The city, like many others in the Northeast, has faced severe weather phenomena such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and intense winter storms. These events have led to flooding, power outages, property damage, and disruptions to daily life. For instance, Hurricane Sandy in 2012 caused significant coastal flooding and wind damage in the region, affecting homes and infrastructure. Winter storms have also brought heavy snowfall, leading to transportation issues and school closures. These weather events underscore the importance of preparedness and resilience measures to mitigate future risks and protect the community against the impacts of climate change.

Mount Vernon’s Climate Demands the Best Protection for Your Home
Mount Vernon’s climate features warm, humid summers with frequent rainfall, while winters are characterized by very cold temperatures and significant snowfall. Throughout the year, the weather tends to be partly cloudy. Temperature fluctuations range from lows around 25°F to highs near 85°F, with extremes rarely dropping below 12°F or rising above 93°F. In terms of precipitation, on average, Mount Vernon receives 50 inches of rain each year – a bit above the national average of 38 inches. In terms of wind speed, Mount Vernon’s average wind speed is 10.1 miles per hour, with the windiest month being February and its least windy month being August.

Roofs to Withstand Rough Weather in Mount Vernon
A durable roof is essential for protecting homes in Mount Vernon from harsh weather conditions. King Quality is proud to offer their advanced Ultra Millennium 7-part roofing system, which includes cutting-edge components designed to address common roofing challenges effectively. However, using high-quality roofing materials is just the beginning. Regular roof inspection and maintenance is crucial to prevent damage from Mount Vernon’s variable temperatures and severe weather conditions. King Quality takes a proactive approach to routine roof upkeep, ensuring your roof remains in top condition. With our 50-year, non-prorated warranty, you can be confident that your roof is well-equipped to withstand adverse weather conditions for many years.

Attractive, Durable, Exterior Siding for Mount Vernon
Rough weather can severely damage your home’s protective siding, which can allow water to infiltrate the structure, weakening it and potentially causing expensive interior damage. Compromised siding can also allow insects to move into the structure. Poorly maintained or damaged siding also detracts from the “curb appeal” of your residence. Consequently, it’s crucial that your siding remains strong and in good repair. KingWall siding is both attractive and highly protective. This robust siding resists impacts and moisture, blocks out noise and wind, and enhances your home’s insulation for better energy efficiency. Made from ultra-durable material, KingWall siding can withstand wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour, equivalent to a category 3 hurricane or an F2 tornado.

Superior Window Products for Mount Vernon
Severe weather can significantly affect your home’s windows, potentially damaging the glass panes and waterproof seals. King Quality offers windows that are designed specifically for Northeast climates, certified by ENERGY STAR. These windows include advanced features such as high-performance, low-e glass coatings and fusion-welded multi-chamber frames and sashes, ensuring exceptional durability and energy efficiency. Each King Quality window undergoes rigorous testing to meet the stringent standards of the AAMA Gold Label Certification Program, providing assurance that you can enjoy both beauty and peace of mind from your windows.

King Quality Knows Mount Vernon
King Quality provides the highest quality home improvement products and services to homeowners in Mount Vernon. We ensure that every product is backed by top-tier lifetime warranties and installed by expert professionals, guaranteeing lasting peace of mind. Our certified specialists in roofing, siding, and windows offer exceptional services at competitive rates. With a proven track record of excellence, Mount Vernon residents can rely on King Quality for superior craftsmanship. We encourage you to explore our outstanding reputation through over 2,300 positive Google Reviews highlighting our commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us today at 631-573-0642 to schedule a complimentary consultation and experience the royal treatment for your Mount Vernon home.

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