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Mount Vernon, NY is an attractive, diverse community providing a great place to live and raise a family, but this community has faced numerous extreme weather events in recent years, including hurricanes, tropical and winter storms, and nor’easters. It’s therefore prudent for Mount Vernon residents to be mindful of fortifying their homes against future bad weather.

Rough, destructive weather can compromise your home’s exterior siding. When the siding is damaged, it opens the door to water seepage, potentially leading to expensive internal repairs. Damaged siding can also create entry points for pests and can detract from the attractiveness, or “curb appeal,” of your residence. For these reasons, it’s crucial that Mount Vernon residences are equipped with siding that’s strong, long-lasting, attractive, and capable of enduring severe climate conditions.

KingWall Siding: Robust Protection for Mount Vernon
At King Quality, we specialize in fortifying Mount Vernon homes against harsh weather with our durable, high-performance siding solutions. Our signature KingWall siding boasts an extra-wide 6 to 7-inch profile, providing superior insulation and storm protection. Crafted from premium materials, KingWall siding stands up to winds as fierce as 110 mph – equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane. Beyond resisting the weather, our robust siding also acts as an effective sound barrier, minimizing disturbances from outside noise. Choose King Quality to armor your home against the elements while enhancing its comfort and quietude.

Ready to reinforce and improve the weather resistance of your Mount Vernon residence with attractive, top-notch siding? King Quality stands behind each siding project with lifetime warranties, certified, and award-winning installers, along with convenient monthly payment plans. Our proven track record offers Mount Vernon homeowners peace of mind when selecting a siding contractor.

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