The Proactive Roofer’s Measurement Tool

Roofing is a reactive industry. Homeowners call us after decades of wear and tear, in the aftermath of mother nature, or at the helm of some other destructive force. Here at King Quality, we believe roofing can—and should be—proactive, too. We take a different approach, starting with how we measure and estimate projects.

Modern aerial software technology empowers our proactive roofers to create affordable, accurate, and fast roof measurements. GAF’s QuickMeasure is the best tool of its kind, saving us valuable time and money at the critical first stages of a project. Every day, we use QuickMeasure to create detailed roof reports in under an hour.

The new (and only) way to measure.

In the old days, we had to go up on the roof (sometimes at night) to figure out the size, scope, and cost of a job. Doing things the hard way wasted valuable time, leading to inaccurate estimates of materials and costs that made us overspend or underspend on our budgets. GAF’s roofing measurement tool solves the problems of the past and puts the old way of doing things to rest.

We used to just measure the shingles and tar paper. Now, we can figure out everything including the shingles, underlayment, and accessories that make the system. We can make the whole system better, prolonging the lifespan of a roof with a proactive approach that prevents damaging mold, mildew, ice dams, and more.

Knowing the exact materials required for a project means no more guess work. Our salesmen gain the confidence to create accurate estimates without budgeting too high or too low. Measuring a roof in 30 minutes means we can quote projects the same day. GAF’s QuickMeasure is a no-brainer for contractors and homeowners alike.

Discover the Royal Treatment

Times have changed. Homes have changed. And thanks to QuickMeasure, quality estimates have changed, too. Get proactive about your roof and home. Reach out to King Quality today.

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