Roofers Solve the Northeast Home Ventilation Problem

Things were different back in the 80s. The Sony Walkman pushed the boundaries of portable music technology, the Members Only jacket spawned the rise of clique-centered outerwear, and the Rubik’s Cube boggled the minds of even the most avid puzzle fanatics. Homes were different, too—most of them built to stand strong without advanced home ventilation.

But trends change—from our gadgets and clothes to how we keep busy and even the way we build homes. We can’t always do things the way we did them in the past. Today, in the Northeast, the old way of building a home—which caused us to over-insulate our windows and walls—poses a significant threat to the modern roof.

Good for warming. Bad for breathing.

Home insulation is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, our living quarters stay insulated and warm. On the other, our airtight homes struggle to breathe. A “suffocated” home can push an average of 7 gallons of moisture into an attic every day, creating a potential world of damage including rotted plywood, mold, ice dams, and more.

Why the Northeast home ventilation problem? Because somewhere along the line, the double pane windows we installed to battle hot summers and cold winters backfired. Because our airtight homes caused heat to travel up into the attic, melt the snow on the roof, freeze by the gutters, and penetrate water into our shingles and homes. Because water damage became too big a price to pay for a warmer home.

Roofers get smarter.

We eventually learned to melt snow from bottom to top—rather than top to bottom—with a ventilation system designed to keep the attic air cooler. We discovered the right ventilation system gives us the power to solve roofing problems at the source and reverse the Northeast home ventilation problem.

Smart roofers understand how cathedral ceilings create condensation around sheetrock, how insulation pushed away from the plywood impacts air flow, how “tried and true” traditional tar paper suffocates a home (despite its sponge technology designed to soak up moisture), and how a home unable to breathe keeps moisture around.

Smart roofers know a healthy, ventilated roof demands three core components: an exhaust vent to let the hot air out at the top, an intake vent to let the cool air in at the bottom, and a premium layer of breathable roof deck protection to make the whole system work together—plus an expert that knows how to build the system.

For example, a pro knows the right ridge vent can take the place of 16 traditional hood vents. The same pro knows to build two feet of air intake for every one foot of ridge vent. The ability to spot and solve the age-old home ventilation problems separates a pro who builds a lasting roof from an average roofer who puts a home at risk.

The proof is in the system.

At King Quality, we built our patented 7-Part Millennium Roofing System with GAF-certified specialty products and industry leading components designed to solve up to 90% of the most common roofing problems:

  • GAF’s Cobra IntakePro rooftop intake vent. This advanced ventilation product, approved by the State of Florida, takes the place of roof louvers to create critical intake and a master flow for homes with little or no soffits. This amazing technology works to prolong the life of shingles by preventing ice dams, moisture, mold, deteriorated plywood, and more.
  • King Quality Deck-Armor. We are one of the first roofers to use this revolutionary, breathable layer of protection installed between the shingles and roof deck. Built with 600 percent greater strength, this premium product stands strong after 180 days of weather exposure. Deck-Armor reduces moisture, mold, mildew, and extensive structural damage, resists wrinkling and buckling, and makes the whole system work together.
  • GAF’s Cobra Snow Country Advanced exhaust ridge vent. This premium quality rigid-style vent with a snow infiltration filter protects roofs from premature deterioration.
  • GAF’s WeatherWatch Leak Barrier. We put down an extra layer to stop water from entering the attic and house. A water barrier behind the gutter keeps water from getting into the fascia boards while a metal edge around the perimeter—where the plywood ends and fascia board begins—helps to control pests that nest in gutters.
  • WeatherBlocker Starter. This premium eave/rake starter strip shingle features a quality, properly positioned adhesive that tightly locks shingles in place, preventing blow-off with 130 MPH wind resistance.
The King Quality difference.

The whole home ventilation system—combined with the #1 rated GAF Lifetime shingle—promises a strong roof built to last. At King Quality, we sell the most GAF Golden Pledge 50-year non-prorated, transferrable warranties in the Northeast, complete with full coverage on our workmanship for 25 years when you select our 7-Part Millennium Roofing System.

Any manufacturer can warranty defective material. But only King Quality warranties the workmanship. Where other roofers mix and match shingles, ignore manufacturer’s directions, and diminish the job just to sell a cheaper project, our specialists follow the job to a T. It’s the reason we assembled an award-winning team of elite roofers backed by the best in the business including GAF, Good Housekeeping, and more.

Place your biggest asset in our hands.

Trust our certified roofers to reverse the damage caused by modern home insulation. Peace of mind begins with the industry’s best warranty with full coverage for up to 50 years. Reach out to King Quality today and discover royal treatment for you and your home.

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