Innovative Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. But in the home improvement industry, every exterior update — from large projects to minute details — invites a second (and third, and fourth…) impression to boost your home’s curb appeal, resale value, and return on investment.

Make no mistake: the view from the curb can make or break a home sale. In a world where we judge a home’s first impression more heavily than we judge people or book covers, curb appeal means everything to future potential buyers. Consider the most innovative ways to give your home a facelift.

Upgrade the big three: roofing, siding, and windows  

The only thing bigger than a roofing, siding, and windows project is the return on investment. Number one on our list of home improvement projects for a reason, the big three boost more than 50 percent of your home’s curb appeal. Make an investment to grow your home’s resale value, capture the attention of jealous neighbors, and attract a sea of potential buyers.

Raise the roof — and the bar

The value of a new roof resides not just above but also below the surface. Strip an old roof down to its bare bones and you can detect all the defects, drips, and damages lurking beneath the shingles. A beautiful new roof creates a healthy home that looks like new and stands strong against harsh weather conditions and the elements.

Supersize your siding

New siding transforms your home’s exterior from faded and worn to clean and bright. Give your home an aesthetic refresh and a stronger layer of protection with extra-large, durable vinyl siding available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Consult with a certified contractor for help selecting the best vinyl siding based on your preferences for color, durability, budget, design, and more.

Windows to welcome the sunlight

New windows and shutters elevate your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and resale value.

On the practical side, newer, energy-efficient windows designed for high performance amount to major savings for as long as you own your home. Windows marked with the Energy Star label can slash your fuel bills by as much as $340 per year over drafty single-pain units.

On the aesthetic side, attractive new windows in a variety of styles welcome more natural light to drastically change the appearance of your home inside and out. Frame the windows with new shutters (or paint the old ones), add a window box, and clean the glass for even more curb appeal.

Other big project ideas

After the big three, a handful of home upgrades earn “big project idea” status. The most noteworthy instant curb appeal boosters: a new porch, portico entryway, driveway, and garage door.

Add some color: make it pop

Transform your exterior and breathe new life into your home with just a few coats of fresh paint. Just select a palette as your base and add an accent color to your door, trim, shutters, and other details. A little color goes a long way in the world of home improvement.

Clean and repair the outskirts

Every home has its defects from rotting wood on a windowsill to a loose board on a deck. Chipped paint on the front door, cobwebs on the porch, and cracked steps all dwindle your curb appeal. But a little elbow grease can replenish and restore your home’s view from the street.

Fix and clean up all the dings, dents, and dirt. Wash off, hose down, and clear your vinyl siding from dust and pollen. Grab your power washer (or rent one if you don’t own one) and blast away any wear-and-tear lingering around your home from an oil-stained driveway to a faded walkway, deck or sidewalk.

Spruce up your landscaping

You can enhance and define the style of your home without the world’s most expensive landscaping. Minor upgrades like a tree-shaded yard, a lush green lawn, or a low-maintenance garden all create major impacts.

Complement plants, flowers, and shrubs with hardscapes like rocks, borders, and walkways to evoke feelings of elegance, interest, and cohesion.

Select a theme — just flip the pages of a home and garden magazine for inspiration — choose a color palette — a few complimentary colors with one contrasting color — and go with it.

Use color to frame your home’s best qualities, draw attention to porch containers, window boxes, and front beds, and pile on a few inches of dark mulch to brighten up the beds.

Finally, summon your green thumb to weed the flowerbeds, rake the leaves, pull out old bushes, and transplant shrubs and plants to better locations.

Replace or upgrade the front door

Instantly elevate your home’s curb appeal and resale value with the latest trend in home improvement: the front door as the focal point.

Select an attractive and welcoming front door with a design, color, and finish that compliments your house. Design the surrounding treatment to complete your grand entrance and home’s first impression.

The return on investment can pay off three-fold: a new door with an average cost of $2,500 can add almost $8,000 in perceived value to a $190,000 home.

Think small, too: focus on the details

Start thinking small by upgrading your hardware. Swap out your dirty and dingy house numbers for a big, bold black set to add tremendous impact for a small investment. Paint your mailbox and door latch with the same finish (or buy a new one) to create a harmonious, cohesive and stylish exterior.

Focus next on introducing architectural detail. Small balconies, decorative shutters and window mullions, and wide moldings around front and garage doors all make for simple yet significant home upgrades.

Solar lights — inexpensive and super-easy to install — are perfect for highlighting your home’s best attributes. Spotlight the flowerbeds or light up your landscaping including walking paths and custom fixtures.

Consider even more ways to think small about boosting your home’s curb appeal:

  • Install entryway lighting for added safety, drama, and interest
  • Edge your sidewalks with pavers or stone
  • Position big potted plants along your entryway
  • Add extra character with accented trim, molding, columns, and other classic details making a comeback in the home improvement industry
  • Open your shutters, curtains, and blinds so your home looks more beautiful from the street


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