You Get Out What You Put In: Home Improvement and ROI

Homeowners encounter all sorts of reasons to remodel, redesign, or restructure. We invest in home improvement projects to upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes, and materials, to enhance beauty and aesthetics, to increase functionality, and to improve livability. Sometimes we just need a change—and the right project can deliver the transformation we demand backed by the durable, long-lasting results we deserve.

The joy of home improvement.

The research shows that the right home improvement projects are worth the investment and time. Better curb appeal could mean not just a better resale value and return on your investment but also a greater desire to be home, increased enjoyment in being home, a major sense of accomplishment, and increased feelings of happiness.

But not all home improvement projects are created equal. Smart decisions can pay off today and down the road. The smartest decisions give you the best of both worlds: a solution built to meet your immediate needs and bring you a return on your investment when the time comes to sell your home.

Focus on the return.

ROI can mean difference between a good home improvement project and a great one. Homeowners who factor in ROI to focus on right projects walk away with greater peace of mind and more bang for the buck.

Did you know a new roof can bring you a 107 percent return on your investment? It’s true. And that means you can earn more money back when you sell your home than you spent on your initial investment.

So, let’s talk about four of the best home improvement projects that pay off in the long run: roofing, siding, windows, and front doors.

New roofing and ROI.

Two things motivate homeowners to invest in a new roof more than anything else: upgrading worn-out roofing and investing in something new because it’s time for change. Whatever your reason, consider what your investment could mean down the road.

The average new roof project costing $7,500 for the initial investment brings homeowners an $8,000 return at the time of resale, which boosts the value of your new roof with a 107 percent return on your investment.

The only thing better than a beautiful new roof made from durable and long-lasting results and materials is an extra $500 in your bank account and the chance to join a third of homeowners who say a new roof helped them close a sale on their home.

New siding and ROI.

Just like a new roof, homeowners invest in new siding to upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes, and materials. Unlike roofing, siding is also a popular home improvement project for homeowners planning to sell within the next two years.

Vinyl is a good alternative to its more expensive fiber-cement counterpart. The popular siding material is a lightweight, low-maintenance, and low-cost solution that lasts for decades with only minimal upkeep from regular maintenance and power wash cleaning.

The average new vinyl siding project costing $15,800 for the initial investment brings homeowners a $10,000 or more return at resale, equaling a 63 percent—and as high as 80 percent—return on your investment.

Modern vinyl siding made from durable and long-lasting materials protects for the long haul while insulated varieties add a degree of thermal resistance to reduce the energy consumption to heat and cool a house. Lower operating costs, utility bills, and environmental impact together make insulating vinyl siding not just a home improvement—but also a home investment—project.

New windows and ROI.

Windows withstood the test of time as a home improvement project with good ROI. Just like siding, homeowners invest in new windows to upgrade worn-out surfaces, finishes, and materials and improve energy efficiency. Unlike roofing and siding, windows also improve home functionality and livability.

New windows can help future homebuyers save money on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, adding value that goes beyond better curb appeal. Also an efficient use of your budget, the average energy-efficient windows costing $22,500 helps homeowners recover $16,000 upon resale for a modest 71 percent ROI.

A new front door and ROI.

Exceptional ROI makes a new front door a smart, affordable home upgrade. A handsome 101.8 percent ROI means you can get more from this small home improvement project upon resale than you spent for the initial investment.

A new front door adds curb appeal and value, making any home more attractive to buyers. Switching out old doors that lose energy can bring you the most bang for buck, improving your home’s energy efficiency while transforming the look and feel.

The next time you think about boosting your curb appeal, consider doing it with a front door that pays you back in the long run.

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