Stand Out in the Neighborhood with a Designer Roof

Ask any realtor: a roof can make or break a home’s curb appeal. And just when you thought the sophisticated charm of wooden shingles, shakes, and slates stretched beyond your budget, the designer roof enters the picture, covering your home with the same authentic beauty and premium protection at a fraction of the price.

The attraction of a designer roof begins on the surface with its exceptional beauty. The appeal continues as savings in your pocket, protection for your family, and peace of mind for the next few decades.

Its thick, luxurious triple-laminate design stands stronger and lasts longer than double-laminate architectural shingles, adding up to 6% to the value of your home. Shingle by shingle, a designer roof builds a powerful statement destined to stand out in the neighborhood.

What is a designer roof?

It’s one of the most popular roofing options built with luxury shingles fortified with the lifetime durability of superior construction. Designer shingles are thicker, longer lasting, and heavier than standard three-tab shingles, promising a uniquely safe, functional, and attractive roof. The Energy Star rated shingles create an extra layer of protection to keep your home cooler and lower your energy costs.

High performance meets ROI

Despite their beauty and desirability, authentic wood shakes and slate tiles require harder upkeep — expect to clean and check them regularly for decay, moisture, moss, and mold — plus more expensive maintenance — plan to hire a skilled roofer to replace any broken shakes or tiles.

With a designer roof, the high-end aesthetics meet the advantages of asphalt shingle coverage: easier maintenance, top-notch protection, and fire, stain, shatter, wind, and warp resistance — to name a few.

A high-performance designer roof costs more upfront than one built with basic, three-tab asphalt shingles. But — like anything in life — you get what you pay for.

Its timeless, sophisticated appearance can transform a home, adding distinctive curb appeal and incremental property value for a greater return on investment — up to a 75 percent return on a home sale.

Worth the investment if you plan to stay in your home for many years or even for life, affordable designer roofs often eliminate the need to re-roof.

Premium protection against the elements

A roof takes a beating from fallen branches, snow, hailstorms, pests, UV rays, and other outdoor elements.

Double and triple-laminate designer shingles — made of durable asphalt and fiberglass — deliver unmatched strength with exceptional tear, impact, and wind-driven rain resistance.

Rated for regions prone to severe winter storms or hurricanes, designer shingles withstand winds up to 130 mph. The shingles protect homes for over 25 years — or for a lifetime with regular care and maintenance.

Enduring beauty for any style home

Along with a quality and strength similar to cedar shakes or slate, designer roofing shingles customize the appearance of a home with colors, shapes, and cuts to complement any architectural style from rugged to dramatic to Victorian.

Designer roofing shingles stay looking like new, long outlasting real shakes that weather and turn gray over time. Designer shingles also minimize roof deficiencies, making it harder to spot dings and other aesthetic problems.

The industry’s best warranty

High quality and reputable GAF-certified designer roofing shingles include Golden Pledge warranties (non-prorated) with full coverage for 50 years and lifetime protection against manufacturing defects.

A warranty you can transfer to the next owner, with coverage for both labor and materials, drives a major selling point for future potential buyers.

Plus, premium underlayment and venting, installed by a certified dealer, enhance the warranty to further protect your roof and home.

The bottom line

From overall aesthetics to resale value, a designer roof offers the luxury look for only pennies-a-day more than standard architectural shingles. The end result is a beautiful and strong roof at a surprisingly affordable price to welcome you home.

Place your biggest asset in our hands.

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