Triple-Pane Windows: Worth the Extra Cost?

The market is chock full of products designed to satisfy today’s energy-conscious homeowner. Modern green home upgrades range from tankless water heaters and low-flow plumbing fixtures to insulation retrofits and smart home systems. Like any product, newer, better options continue to emerge. Energy-efficient home windows are no exception.

First, we swapped our single-pane windows for their double-pane counterpart. Now, the triple-pane window—fabricated with three panes of glass instead of two—upgrades homes with the highest performing window money can buy. Major differences in energy efficiency, sound reduction, safety, comfort, durability, and more give homeowners reason to consider laying out the extra cash to make the switch.

Exceptional energy efficiency.

Triple-pane windows insulate homes 50% better than old-fashioned single-pane windows and 25% better than low-efficiency double-pane windows to keep more heat inside of your home on cold winter days and more heat outside of your home on hot summer days.

Food for thought: Heat gain (outside heat entering through the windows) and heat loss (inside heat escaping through the windows) account for 25 to 30 percent of residential energy use.

Triple-pane windows—which reflect 97% of energy and allow 3% to pass through—can lower energy bills by 2 to 3 percent. If your home loses more than 11 percent of its energy from single-pane, drafty, faulty, or damaged windows, making the switch can save you a significant amount on your energy costs every month by helping your heating and cooling system work smarter—not harder.

Significant sound reduction.

Better insulation also means better noise reduction. The extra pane of glass makes a significant difference in noisy, urban areas, especially in rooms facing busy streets, loud neighbors, and other sources of outside noise. Interested in a little more peace and quiet? Triple-pane windows may be worth the extra cost.

More resistant to condensation.

Different indoor and outdoor air temperatures can cause water vapor to sweat onto window glass—a process known as condensation.

For homes in cooler climates—especially newer, well-sealed homes that retain higher levels of moisture in the winter—condensation does more than fog windows: it creates potential for mold and damage to drywall and windowsills.

Triple-pane glass better resists temperature transfer to maintain higher indoor relative humidity in cold weather, reduce cold drafts, and increase interior comfort so your family never feels too hot nor too cold. Tired of irritating—and potentially damaging—moisture on your windows? Consider making the switch to triple-pane windows.

Safety and security.

More panes of glass mean more work for intruders, rocks, and projectiles to break through a window. (It’s not impossible to break a triple-pane window—but triple-pane glass can withstand up to 30 swings from a baseball bat.) Count on the sturdier alternative to single or double-pane windows to increase safety and security in your home with an extra layer of protection.

A higher level of comfort.

More interior comfort is one of the leading reasons homeowners make the switch. Triple-pane windows create a significantly warmer surface temperature on the interior glass— especially in the winter—within a degree or two of the wall temperate at any given time.

Food for thought: A cold window surface can chill guests sitting near it even if the ambient air temperature at the thermostat is in the 70s.

Double-pane windows will always feel hotter or colder to the touch. Triple-pane windows, featuring three panes of glass, separated by a layer of gas, improve thermal insulation by slowing the transfer of heat through the window. Triple-pane windows also improve interior comfort by creating a quieter ambiance.

The bottom line.

The two downsides of triple-pane windows are the extra cost—expect to pay 25-30 percent more for the upgrade—and the added weight. However, many homeowners discover the pros outweigh the cons.

Like most home upgrades, triple-pane windows add value to your home as a long-term investment. Triple-pane glass is more cost-effective in relation to energy savings, satisfying homeowners living in colder climates with lower utility bills. Tough winters are when the superior glass option shows its signature strength.

Home windows are no longer just a piece of glass—but a piece of technology. As technology evolves, hiring a contractor that knows the ins and outs of the latest energy-saving innovations ensures you get the most for your money. Low-E glass—a leading technology and signature component of Simonton windows—maximizes energy savings.

Modern windows are far more energy efficient than windows built 20, 30, or 40 years ago. Coated with a glaze that reflects heat radiation from the sun but brings in sunlight, Simonton-built triple-pane windows can lessen the burden on your HVAC system—and wallet—without compromising the amount of natural light in your home. Plus, the argon gas between the layers can further cut down on heat loss.

Discover the royal treatment.

Trust our certified contractors to bring out the best in your home with elegant and energy efficient triple-pane windows. Reach out to King Quality today and discover royal treatment for you and your home.

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