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Yonkers, NY, is a wonderful place to live, raise a family, enjoy easy access to New York City, and experience a convenient suburban lifestyle. The city has a rich architectural history and boasts distinctive homes in a wide range of home styles, including Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, Cape Cod, Ranch, and modern/contemporary styles.

Yonkers’ Exposure to Storms and Hurricanes Can Endanger the Integrity of Your Roof
Yonkers, unfortunately, is no stranger to bad weather. Hurricanes, coastal storms, and nor’easters are relatively common. Yonkers even experienced occasional tornado touchdowns, particularly during severe weather outbreaks or strong thunderstorms. These encounters with severe weather are likely to occur more often as the effects of climate change continue to make themselves felt. Consequently, it’s important for Yonkers County residents to take steps their fortified against the weather, beginning with their roofs.

King Quality’s Ultra Millenium 7-part Roofing System Protects Yonkers Homes
Bad weather can be very challenging to roofs, which may suffer direct damage – in the form of dislodged roofing materials – or indirect trauma in the form of damage from toppled above-ground electrical power lines and trees. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to fortify one’s roof in Yonkers from the worst that Nature can dish out now or in the future. King Quality ensures the safety of Yonkers homes with the most robust and reliable roofing products available, including the Ultra Millennium 7-part roofing system, which includes industry leading components designed to solve the most common roofing problems.

Regular roof maintenance is another step that Yonkers residents should take to ensure their roofs are in good shape. Conducting regular roof maintenance is crucial to identify and address small issues before they become costly problems. King Quality adopts a proactive approach to regular roof maintenance, promoting the long-term health and durability of your roof. With King Quality’s 50-year, non-prorated warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that future roof damage is covered.

Humidity and Variable Temperatures Pose Additional Challenges to Yonkers Roofs
Another factor that can prove challenging to your roof is Yonkers’ variable temperatures, which range from lows of about 25 F in January to highs of 85 in July. Alternating hot and cold temperatures can damage shingles, flashing, and drainage systems. And because Yonkers’ climate can get very humid in the warmer months, it’s imperative that humidity be managed effectively through proper roof and antic ventilation. At King Quality, we have ventilation down to a science, using a process that removes all guesswork. As GAF-certified roofers, we use the industry standard ventilation calculator tool to measure the perfect balance of intake and exhaust.

King Quality is the Preferred Roofing Contractor in Yonkers
With King Quality’s vast on-the-job experience, exclusive collaborations with top manufacturers, and unparalleled reputation, you can confidently rely on us for your roofing requirements. We support each roofing project with lifetime warranties and certified, award-winning installers. Moreover, we provide affordable monthly payment plans, ensuring Yonkers residents can effortlessly enhance their homes into stunning, weather-resistant havens. We encourage you to check out our more than 2,300 positive Google Reviews to sample what our satisfied customers say about the high level of service we deliver. Reach out to us today at 631-573-0642 to arrange a complimentary consultation—and experience royal treatment for you and your Yonkers home.

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