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Westhampton Beach, New York, is a delightful place to live in or visit. This small hamlet – located within the town of Southampton — boasts abundant beauty, glorious beaches, magnificent wildlife, and other unique attractions — including a performance arts space and movie theater. The most westerly community in the Hamptons, this community of about 2,300 people has become increasingly popular among New York City residents.

Westhampton Beach offers a bounty of pleasures to residents and visitors, including its gorgeous beach facing the Atlantic Ocean (whose use is restricted to residents and visitors willing to pay for an access pass), a country club and a country club with golf course. Housing stock ranges from humble ranch-style houses and vacation bungalows to grand mansions and postmodern homes with stunning waterfront views.

Served by the Montauk Branch of the Long Island Railroad, Westhampton Beach has the benefit of not being located on Montauk Highway, which means it experiences less traffic congestion than other hamlets in the Hamptons.

Unfortunately, due to its location adjacent to large, active bodies of water and low elevation, Westhampton Beach has for years endured some of the most severe storms to hit the northeast. In September 1938, during the “Long Island Express” storm, 15-foot waves buried streets under up to 6 feet of water, resulting in the destruction of 153 out of 179 summer homes. More recently, in 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused significant erosion to the shoreline communities, including 40% of the beach sediment in some areas of Westhampton Beach. The storm also created breaches in the barrier islands, leaving the area vulnerable to future storms and flooding.

While much remediation has been done since 2012, the fact is that Westhampton Beach residents must prepare their homes for the return of rough weather in the form of tropical storms, nor’easters, and hurricanes.  

The Westhampton Beach Climate and Your Home
The climate in Westhampton Beach is classified as “oceanic,” which means that winters are moderately cold and summers are warm and humid. Temperatures range from an average high of 80 F in July to an average low of 23 F in January. In terms of precipitation, Westhampton Beach’s wettest month is April; its lowest is July. In terms of wind speed, the community’s windiest month is January, with an average wind speed of 15MPH; its least windy month is July, with an average wind speed of just 9.1 MPH.

Strong Roofs for Rough Weather in Westhampton Beach
King Quality installs roofs fit to endure the occasionally extreme weather experienced on Long Island, and engineers our installations to provide an appropriate amount of ventilation to ensure these roofs’ viability for many years to come.

Because the seasonal cycling of thermal conditions in Westhampton Beach causes expansion and contraction of building materials, it is important for there to be periodic inspections of structure roofs, siding, and window areas to ensure that such expansion/contraction has not caused any compromises to the structure. Additionally, because humidity levels can rise during the warmer months, it’s important that roof inspections include an evaluation of the venting capabilities of the roof.

Durable, Attractive Siding for Westhampton Beach
Rough weather can cause the exterior siding protecting your home to take a real beating. Excess wind, rain, and/or damage from debris propelled by high winds can cause this siding to become compromised, allowing moisture into the structure.  King Quality’s KingWall siding is designed to withstand the kind of rough weather regularly experienced in Westhampton Beach. It features an extra-large 6 to 7-inch reveal built to double your insulation performance and weather any storm.

While the primary job of our siding is to keep bad weather where it belongs: outside your home. But this siding also has three important secondary jobs: first, to keep your home quieter, second, to make it more energy-efficient, and third, to enhance your home’s all-important “curb appeal.”

Westhampton Beach Windows Specifically Designed for Northeast Climates
King Quality’s windows are ENERGY STAR-certified and manufactured specifically for the Northeast. As we like to say, they are “made on Long Island, for Long Islanders.” They combine high-performance, low-e glass coatings with fusion welded multi-chamber frames and sashes for ultimate integrity and energy savings. We have a wide assortment of window styles options to match the unique style of your Westhampton Beach home.

King Quality Knows Westhampton Beach
King Quality’s decades of experience in Suffolk County – and exclusive access to the highest-quality building materials and certified installers – qualifies us as Westhampton Beach’s preferred contractor. We invite you to inspect our numerous (more than 2000) positive Google Reviews and testimonials to get a sense of the high quality of service we deliver. We invite you to contact us at at 631-573-0642 to schedule a free consultation and experience royal treatment for you and your Westhampton Beach home.

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