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Westchester, NY, is a great place to live due to its picturesque suburban charm, excellent schools, vibrant cultural scene, and convenient proximity to New York City. But Westchester is no stranger to adverse weather conditions. Although the climate in Westchester County is often enjoyable, residents regularly face challenges due to harsh weather conditions. Over the past 20 years, Westchester County has been impacted by several severe storms, including Hurricanes Sandy, Irene, and Ida, as well as Hurricanes Isaias and Tropical Storm Henri, resulting in significant flooding, power outages, and extensive damage.

Strong Windows To Withstand Westchester County’s Weather
Rough weather can give your home’s windows a terrible beating. Debris blown by high winds can damage or shatter the window’s glass (which is why windows are often boarded over in preparation for a storm’s arrival). High winds and driving rain can also damage the all-important waterproof seal around your windows, admitting water into your home and potentially causing expensive interior damage. That’s why it’s crucial that your Westchester County home be equipped with the strongest windows available.

Sound-insulating Windows for Quiet Enjoyment of Your Westchester County Home
Noise from planes, trains, and motor vehicles is a significant concern in Westchester County, particularly for residents living near airports, rail lines, and busy highways. Unwanted noise causes stress and disturbance, disrupting peace of mind. Therefore, it’s advisable for residents to install well-insulated, sound-deadening windows in their homes. Fortunately, King Quality’s attractive, durable, insulated windows keep unwanted noises to a minimum, while keeping bad weather where it belongs – outside your home. These robust, well-designed windows can also help you save money on your heating bills. When you pair our KingWall siding with King Quality ENERGY STAR-rated windows and doors, you’ll not only save money: your home’s interior will be quieter, more peaceful, and more enjoyable.

Time to Upgrade Your Westchester County Home with the Finest Window Products Available
Ready to equip your Westchester County home with the strongest, most beautiful windows that money can buy? Look no further than King Quality. Our established track record and access to the finest, most durable window products assures Westchester County homeowners that their windows will withstand any bad weather – and unwanted noise from outside – likely to arrive now or in the future.

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