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Wading River, New York – on the North Shore of Long Island, is a beautiful place to live in or visit. But this community is no stranger to adverse weather conditions. Hurricane Sandy hit Wading River hard in 2012, serving as a reminder that communities along the North Shore need to take steps to fortify their homes against hostile weather.

A crucial part of this fortification involves your windows, which can take a beating when rough weather arrives. Windows can be damaged or broken when debris is blown about by high winds. Damage from wind and driving rain can cause the protective watertight seal around your windows to lose integrity, admitting water into the structure. So, it’s a wise move to equip your Wading River home with the strongest windows available.

King Quality offers attractive and durable windows supported by a double-lifetime limited warranty. These windows are specifically optimized for the Northeast Climate. Not only do these windows keep bad weather where it belongs — outside your home — but they also enhance energy efficiency. Combine our KingWall siding with ENERGY STAR-rated windows and doors from King Quality, and you’ll save on heating and cooling costs while enjoying a quieter, more peaceful home interior.

Ready to reinforce and improve the strength of your Wading River with brand new, top-tier windows? At King Quality, our decades of hands-on expertise and exclusive collaborations with leading manufacturers qualify us to be your preferred contractor. We stand behind every window and siding project with lifetime warranties, certified and acclaimed installers, and convenient monthly payment options. Reach out to us today at 631-573-0642 to arrange a free consultation.

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