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Located on the South Shore of Long Island, Oceanside, New York, offers many pleasures to its roughly 32,000 residents. But this community is no stranger to adverse weather conditions. The arrival of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 caused great devastation in Oceanside and it serves as a reminder that residents should stay vigilant against rapidly approaching coastal storms and other weather events threatening their community.

Rough weather and high winds of the type seen in coastal areas such as Oceanside can have a devastating impact on the exterior or one’s home, including its windows. When debris is blown about by high winds, this debris can impact your home’s windows, damaging them and possibly breaking the glass. Damage from wind can cause the protective watertight seal around your windows to lose integrity, admitting water into your home. That’s why it’s a wise move to equip your Oceanside home with the strongest windows available.

King Quality’s attractive, durable windows are backed by a double-lifetime limited warranty. Beyond keeping bad weather where it belongs – outside your home – these windows make your home more energy-efficient. When you pair our KingWall siding with King Quality ENERGY STAR-rated windows and doors, you will save money on heating and cooling while keeping your home’s interior quieter and more peaceful.

Ready to reinforce and improve the strength of your Oceanside with brand new, top-tier windows? At King Quality, our wealth of hands-on expertise and exclusive collaborations with leading manufacturers guarantee our reliability as trusted installers of premium-grade products. We stand behind every project with lifetime warranties, certified and acclaimed installers, and convenient monthly payment options. Our proven track record offers peace of mind to Oceanside residents when selecting a contractor. Reach out to us today at 631-573-0642 to arrange a free consultation.

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