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King Quality knows Nassau County. We’ve been helping county residents improve and protect their homes with the finest roofing, siding, and window products for more than 30 years. Nassau County homeowners trust us over other contractors because of our decades of experience, multiple GAF awards, guaranteed workmanship, and commitment to installing only the industry’s best products, sourced to custom-create any home solution. 

Nassau County’s Climate Demands the Best Protection for Your Home
Nassau County’s climate is characterized by cool winters and warm, humid summers. Nassau County’s average temperature is about 53 degrees, which is significantly warmer than New York State’s average of 48 degrees due to the temperature-moderating effects of the Atlantic Ocean. However, temperatures swing significantly during the year – from a low of about 32 degrees in January to a high of 82 degrees in July.

In terms of precipitation, on average, the county receives 43 inches of rain each year – a bit above the national average of 38 inches, and more days when rain or snow are present (128) than the national average of 106. In terms of wind speed, the County’s average wind speed is 10.4 miles per hour, with the windiest month being January, when average wind speeds increase to 12.8 miles per hour. Nassau County’s least windy month is July, when average wind speed is just 8 miles per hour.

While the weather in Nassau County is often quite pleasant, rough weather, including coastal storms, high winds, blizzards, and occasional hurricanes pose regular challenges to the integrity of homes. 35 hurricanes have hit Nassau County since 1930; since the year 2000, it’s seen Hurricanes Ida and Henry (2021), Ana (2015), Andrea (2013), Sandy (2011), and Irene (2011), plus multiple instances of severe tropical storms, winter storms, and Nor’easters.

Robust roofing that can Stand up to Nassau County’s Weather
A strong, sturdy roof provides the best defense against harsh weather conditions that may manifest in Nassau County. King Quality is privileged to be the authorized seller of the roofing industry’s strongest and most reliable shingles, including GAF’s Timberline Shingles, which are designed to endure winds of up to 130 mph and are engineered to last, providing uncompromising protection and durability. 

Of course, using ultra-high-grade roofing materials is just part of the equation. Regular roof maintenance can help prevent Nassau County’s temperature swings and other intense weather conditions from causing expansion, contraction, and breakage of roofing products and other home exterior materials. King Quality uses a proactive approach to routine roof maintenance that’s designed to protect your home.  Our 50-year, non-prorated warranty means you can rest easy, knowing that your roof is well-prepared to withstand any bad weather for years to come.

Strong, Attractive Siding for Your Nassau County Home
Bad weather in Nassau County can cause your home’s all-important protective siding to take a serious beating. Damaged siding can cause all kinds of problems, from admitting water into the structure to allowing insects to infiltrate the siding. KingWall siding fortifies your Nassau County home with an extra-thick, 6 to 7-inch reveal. This enhances insulation performance while providing resilience against any challenges from the weather.

King Quality’s KingWall siding is both stylish and ultra-protective. It resists impacts and moisture, blocks out noise and wind, and improves your home’s insulation, improving its energy efficiency. Made of ultra-durable material, KingWall siding can withstand wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour – within range of a category three hurricane or F2 tornado.

Superior Window Products for Nassau County
Nassau County is full of beautiful vistas that deserve to be observed through durable, best-in-class windows. King Quality windows are ENERGY STAR-certified and manufactured specifically for climates such as are found in Nassau County. They combine high-performance, low-e glass coatings with fusion welded multi-chamber frames and sashes for ultimate integrity and energy savings. Each and every King Quality window is tested to meet the standards of the industry’s most demanding AAMA Gold Label Certification Program, which means you can relax as you enjoy that beautiful view outside your window.

King Quality Knows Nassau County
King Quality firmly believes that every homeowner in Nassau County deserves the utmost in superior home improvement products. We stand behind our products with top-tier lifetime warranties and ensure they’re installed by certified professionals, offering enduring peace of mind to Nassau County residents.

Our certified experts in roofing, siding, and windows provide exceptional services at fair and competitive rates. This, combined with our industry-leading financing options, has established King Quality as the most highly regarded contractor in Nassau County, boasting top reviews, ratings, and awards.

With our established track record, Nassau County homeowners can trust that the contractor they choose will deliver excellence. Contact us today at 631-573-0642 to schedule a complimentary consultation and discover royal treatment for you and your Nassau County home.

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