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New Roofing, Siding, and Windows for Your Medford Home

Home improvement is a huge deal. It’s hard to know who to trust with the roofing, siding, and windows that protect your Medford, New York home and everything (and everyone) you love inside it. That’s the reason we did the research for you and partnered with leading manufacturers to guarantee the quality of our products and workmanship with 50-year warranties that promise peace of mind for a lifetime.


About King Quality

King Quality started more than thirty years ago with a dream to make home improvement affordable. Today, we pass the dream of owning a quality-driven home over to homeowners as the top-rated contractor on Long Island. We built our reputation on protecting what matters most—your home—and treating every customer like family. 

We’ve come to know the Long Island climate like the backs of our hands including the specific demands and unique threats to your Medford home. We are experts in tailoring our approach towards protecting your home against the rainwater, temperature swings, humidity, and wind that together define the Medford climate.

We believe every homeowner deserves not just a one-of-a-kind home to stand out in the neighborhood but also an experience and end result fit for a king (or queen). Give us a call today and discover royal treatment for you and your Medford home.


Precipitation in Medford

Rainwater leads the pack of Mother Nature’s most notorious threats to your Medford, NY home. After a storm, vulnerable spots in your roof and home can leak water into your living room, pool water around your home’s foundation, and grow dangerous mold and mildew. In the winter, ice dams can tear off gutters, loosen roofing shingles, and back water up into your home. A strong roof built to last is your home’s first line of defense against these precipitation threats.       


Temperature swings

In Medford, the summers are warm and humid, and the winters are very cold, snowy, and windy. Over the course of the year, the temperature varies from 25°F to 82°F, rarely dropping below 11°F or rising above 89°F.

Temperature swings throughout the year in Medford demand a roofing material built for superior protection. For a roof that can easily fit with any home architecture and withstand plenty of moisture and wide-ranging temperatures, asphalt is a trusted choice.

There are even more reasons for you to consider asphalt as your go-to shingle for your Medford home. Whether you want to stay on budget with a 3-tab asphalt shingle, create a more dimensional look with architectural asphalt shingles, or top off an upscale home with luxury asphalt shingles, King Quality is here to show you why you can never go wrong.

Medford temperature swings can also impact your home’s vinyl siding. Siding can crack, buckle, and warp after contracting from frigid temperatures and expanding from the warm sun. Problems like cracking can give way for moisture and pests to burrow into your home and wreak havoc on the inside. Any problems caused by extreme weather changes (or shoddy installation by a corner-cutting contractor) can shorten the lifespan of your vinyl siding.  



Medford gets an annual humidity of 63%, ranging from 55% in the least humid month (April) to 68% in the most humid month (September). Humidity poses a threat when moisture builds up—not just from the weather but also from cooking, showering, washing the dishes, and any type of water usage—inside the attic, which can damage a roof.

Newer homes pose an even greater threat. Extra insulation between walls and floors and modern, energy efficient windows create a trade-off between better energy use and breathability. Good ventilation—with a healthy roof and attic working together—protects your Medford home.

Without good ventilation, the summer sun can cause an unhealthy buildup of excess heat up to 140°F even on a moderate 90°F day. Overheating combined with moisture can crack shingles and damage roof decking. During the winter, good ventilation helps maintain a cool roofing system, mixing cool air from outside with attic air and melting less snow on the roof.

At King Quality, we leverage decades of excellence to identify roof problems from the inside out. Our complete home walk-around and professional inspection diagnoses and treats all the trouble spots putting your roof and home at risk. We ensure your roof breathes better to ward off deteriorated plywood, condensation, mold, mildew and more.


The wind factor

The windier part of the year in Medford lasts for six months from October to April with an average wind speed of more than 11.3 miles per hour. The calmer period lasts from April to October with an average wind speed of 9 miles per hour. January is the windiest month with a high of 14.0 mile per hour winds and July and August are the calmest months with an average wind speed of 8.5 miles per hour.  

Despite its long-standing bad rap—once frowned upon for cracking and warping—vinyl siding has come a long way since replacing that old aluminum siding on grandma and grandpa’s house in the 1950s.

Advances in the 1970s (and the decades to follow) reengineered vinyl siding to stand stronger than ever. Developed to near perfection, the modern version of the siding material boasts a proven track record of high performance and optimum energy efficiency.

Built to weather any storm, vinyl siding is virtually indestructible under normal circumstances. In fact, the ultra-durable material can withstand wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour, tipping the end of a category three hurricane or F2 tornado. Modern versions of asphalt shingles also feature strong wind resistance up to 120 miles per hour.


Modern roofing requires modern solutions

Only King Quality offers Medford homeowners the industry’s first bonded roofing shingle with a laminated weather blocker and infinite wind guarantee and the industry’s fastest and most accurate roof measurement tool. We also invented our patented 7-part roofing system to give you a roof that stands strong for the long haul: 

  1. Roofing assessment. We completely strip your roof to get to the heart of its strength and longevity and to examine the roof deck for damage.
  2. Starter strip shingles. We install strips along the eaves of your roof to prevent shingle blow-off in strong winds.
  3. Leak barrier. We install a self-adhering, watertight membrane to protect the most vulnerable spots of your roof from harsh weather.
  4. Premium asphalt shingles. We help Medford homeowners find the right lifetime asphalt shingles for their unique home, style, and budget.
  5. Ridge vent. We install GAF’s Cobra Attic Ventilation on the ridge to help remove heat and moisture from your attic.
  6. Roof deck protection. We install an extra layer of protection to shield your roof from the impact of strong winds and heavy rainfall that may blow beneath the shingles.
  7. Ridge cap shingles. We reinforce the hips and ridges of your roof and help protect against leaks.


KingWall siding checks every box

KingWall makes vinyl siding durable, affordable, and low maintenance. Discover maximum beauty and performance with our unique, ultra-thick 6 to 7-inch reveal.

Keep the heat inside your home—and keep the pests out—with KingWall’s advanced insulation technology. A large variety of colors, textures, styles, and finishes means you can take your creative ideas to the edge and beyond for a harmonious, one-of-a-kind design that elevates your curb appeal.

Discover the peace of mind of partnering with a brand name you recognize and trust. Our manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee and unique 25-year workmanship guarantee together give you ultimate protection. We write our warranties in big letters with no fine print so you can read every word.


King Quality Northeast Windows

King Quality is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Simonton 9800 Series windows and doors, transforming homes across Long Island into virtual art galleries.

We combine the look and style of classic wood windows with the strength, energy efficiency and durability of vinyl to bring you the best of everything. Trusting us with your home windows means gaining peace of mind from a double-lifetime limited warranty.

What’s smarter than windows made for the Northeast? Our triple-pane glass reads the angle of the sun, lowering your energy costs whether it’s hot or cold outside.


Royal treatment for you and your home

Ready to upgrade your Medford, New York home with new roofing, siding, or windows? At King Quality, our decades on the job and exclusive partnerships mean leading manufacturers trust us to install only the highest quality products. And our affordable financing makes your dream of a unique, quality-driven home a reality.

We put lifetime warranties, certified and award-winning installers, and low monthly payments behind every project to turn homes into castles. Call us today at 631-573-0642 to schedule a free consultation—and discover royal treatment for you and your home.

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