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Located on the South Shore of Long Island, Massapequa offers an appealing residential setting with a rich set of aquatic recreational activities for its residents. Unfortunately, Massapequa isn’t immune to bad weather. In 2006, Massapequa was hit by a freak tornado; in 2011, it was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. And Massapequa – like other towns and hamlets located along the South Shore – is proximate to the Atlantic Ocean, a body of water that regularly serves up storms whose impact can be severe.  

Rough weather and high winds of the type regularly experienced in Massapequa can damage the exterior siding that serves to protective your home. Damaged siding can allow water into the structure, weakening it and causing major interior damage. Such damage can also allow insects to install themselves within the siding. That’s why it’s important that the siding on your Massapequa home be strong and durable enough to withstand exposure to bad weather. 

As a general matter, the thicker the siding is, the more protection it provides for your home. King Quality’s KingWall siding features an extra-large 6 to 7-inch reveal. Made of ultra-durable material, KingWall siding can withstand wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour – within range of a category three hurricane or F2 tornado. 
Ready to strengthen and enhance the durability of your Massapequa home with new, high-quality siding? King Quality has extensive on-the-job experience, exclusive partnerships with leading manufacturers, and the ability to back every siding project with lifetime warranties. Our installers are highly trained and eminently qualified to install siding that will endure and protect for many years to come. We understand the local climate and have what it takes to ensure that Massapequa homeowners can rest easy, knowing their siding can withstand any bad weather served up by Mother Nature in the future. 

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