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The City of Long Beach, New York, is a wonderful place to live, work, and play on Long Island. But homes in this attractive, ocean-facing community have proven themselves vulnerable to fast-moving coastal storms featuring strong winds, storm surges, intense rainfall, and hail.

Hurricanes are another major weather worry in Long Beach. While they happily don’t hit the northeast each year, they’re capable of wreaking major havoc when they do. In 2012, Long Beach — which occupies part of a barrier island facing the Atlantic Ocean — was devastated by Superstorm Sandy. The city’s famous boardwalk was destroyed, a 17-foot storm surge flooded virtually every building in the city, and power was lost for two weeks, thoroughly disrupting life for the City’s residents.

While Long Beach has rebuilt itself and fortified its defenses against storm surges — its proximity to water and low, sea-level elevation makes structures within it particularly vulnerable to storm damage in the future.


Long Beach, NY


The Long Beach Climate and Your Home

The City of Long Beach has a climate with hot, humid summers and cool winters. In Long Beach, temperatures swing on average from 83°F to 26°F throughout the year with an average of 3 very hot days above 90°F and 83 extremely cold nights when temperatures fall below freezing.

These seasonal temperature swings can pose a challenge to your home. They can cause expansion, contraction, and breakage of home exterior materials, including roof shingles, inviting leaking water into the structure. Additionally, alternating hot and cold temperatures—which cause a roof to expand and contract—can also lead to damage.

High winds can also be destructive to your home. Towns and villages on the South Shore of Long Island experience higher wind speeds than on the North Shore. Long Beach’s windiest month is January, with wind speeds averaging 13.8 miles per hour; July is its least windy month, with wind speeds averaging just 8.8 miles per hour.


Roofing that stands up to storms

A strong roof is your home’s best line of defense against the worst that Mother Nature can dish out. King Quality protects your home and family with the industry’s strongest and most dependable roofing shingles, including the GAF Timberline line, engineered to withstand winds up to 130 mph. 

But having the right materials in your roof is just part of protecting your home. Once your roof is installed, it should be periodically inspected. Even small roofing problems that are left unaddressed can time put your home at risk of suffering larger, more extensive damage in the future.

King Quality takes a proactive approach to regular roof maintenance to keep your roof and home healthy. We diagnose and treat all trouble spots that might someday escalate into major issues. And King Quality’s 50-year, non-prorated warranty means your roof is prepared to weather any storm for years to come.


Keeping unwanted noises at bay in Long Beach

While Long Beach has a well-earned reputation as a beach-lover’s paradise, it’s still a city, which means that residents must deal with a certain amount of urban noise pollution, including noise from railroad trains, motor vehicles, overflying aircraft, and rough surf.

That’s where King Quality triple-pane windows — which can reduce exterior noise by up to 50 percent — and KingWall siding — which blocks out noise and wind, can help keep things calm and quiet in your home.

King Quality knows Long Beach

At King Quality, we believe that every Long Beach homeowner deserves only the best home improvement products, backed by the industry’s best lifetime warranties, and installed by the best, certified teams to give you peace of mind for a lifetime.

Our accredited specialists in roofing, siding, and windows provide expert services at a reasonable cost. This — plus our industry-leading financing options — has established our reputation as the top-reviewed, highest-rated, and most awarded contractor in Long Island. With over 30 years of dedicated service in the local area, our team is well-versed, professional, and experienced in addressing the specific challenges your Long Beach home may face.


Royal treatment for you and your Long Beach home

Ready to upgrade your Long Beach home with new roofing, siding, or windows? At King Quality, our decades of on-the-job experience and access to exclusive partnerships mean leading manufacturers trust us to install only the highest quality products.

We put lifetime warranties, certified and award-winning installers, and low monthly payments behind every project to transform homes into castles. Our track record gives Long Beach homeowners peace of mind in selecting a contractor with real-world experience, industry expertise, in-depth knowledge of the local climate, and a commitment to starting every home improvement project with a complete home walkaround and professional inspection.

Call us today at 631-573-0642 to schedule a free consultation—and discover royal treatment for you and your Long Beach home.

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