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Greenlawn, NY is a pleasant hamlet nestled into the town of Huntington on Long Island’s elegant South Shore. Like other communities in Suffolk County, Greenlawn’s weather conditions – which may include exposure to hurricanes and fast-moving coastal storms — can pose a challenge to physical structures, including the structure’s siding. If this protective siding is damaged, water can pass into the home, causing interior damage that’s expensive to repair. Another consequence of damage to siding is that insects can move into the siding. That’s why it’s important for Greenlawn residents to have strong, durable siding on their homes.

King Quality offers premium KingWall siding, boasting extra-thick construction and an impressive 6 to 7-inch reveal. Crafted from exceptionally durable materials, this siding is engineered to withstand wind speeds of up to 110 miles per hour while also serving as a robust shield against external noise disturbances. Beyond being purely functional, KingWall siding exudes elegance, enhancing the curb appeal of your Greenlawn residence.

Residents of Greenlawn deserve the best in siding. With King Quality, you benefit from our extensive hands-on expertise, exclusive partnerships with top-tier manufacturers, and our commitment to stand behind every siding project with lifetime warranties. Our team of highly skilled installers is dedicated to ensuring that your siding not only withstands the test of time but also safeguards your Greenlawn property against inclement weather conditions for years to come.

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