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Farmingdale, New York, within the town of Oyster Bay is a pleasant place to reside and raise a family. Unfortunately, Farmingdale is not immune from experiencing severe, destructive weather events, including hurricanes, tropical and winter storms, and nor’easters. Consequently, it’s necessary for Farmingdale residents to take steps to weatherproof their homes, a task that includes paying close attention to the condition of their windows.

Strong Windows for Adverse Weather Conditions in Farmingdale
Severe weather conditions and strong winds common on Long Island can severely affect the exterior of homes, including their windows. Debris carried by high winds can strike windows, causing damage to the glass. Wind-induced damage can compromise the protective seal around windows, allowing water to penetrate the home and potentially cause interior damage. It’s therefore a smart move to outfit your Farmingdale residence with strong, durable windows to safeguard against such weather-related risks.

Windows that Keep Bad Weather Where It Belongs: Outside
King Quality’s appealing and resilient windows are specifically designed to withstand weather conditions likely to occur in the Northeast. These windows come with a double-lifetime limited warranty, so you can be confident that they will endure. Beyond keeping inclement weather outside, King Quality windows will enhance the energy efficiency of your Farmingdale home, saving you money on utility bills. You’ll save even more by combining KingWall siding with our ENERGY STAR-rated windows and doors, which have the added benefit of creating a quieter and more serene environment within your home.

Ready to enhance and fortify the resilience of your Farmingdale home with new, high-quality, energy-saving windows? King Quality’s deep practical knowledge and exclusive partnerships with top manufacturers ensure our reputation as Long Island’s most dependable installer of premium window products. Each project is backed up with lifetime warranties, certified and highly regarded installers, and convenient monthly payment plans. Reach out to King Quality today at 631-573-0642 to arrange a free consultation.


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