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Center Moriches, on the South Shore of Long Island, is a charming hamlet within the town of Brookhaven that offers a relaxed, seaside atmosphere to residents and visitors. First inhabited by Native American tribes, Center Moriches was settled by Europeans in the 17th Century and later grew into a thriving agricultural community whose main activities were farming and fishing. In 1881, the Long Island Railroad arrived, spurring further growth and development. After World War II, Center Moriches’ population experienced significant growth, reflecting the broader suburbanization trend occurring across Long Island.

Today, Center Moriches has a population of about 8,000. The community, served by the well-regarded Center Moriches Union Free School District, features a diverse mix of architectural styles, including Colonial Revival, Victorian, Cape Cod, Craftsman, Ranch, contemporary, farmhouse, and waterfront designs. These styles offer residents a variety of housing options to suit different tastes and lifestyles, contributing to the area’s unique character and charm.

While Center Moriches possesses many charms and attractions, this community has been affected by bad weather events in recent years, including Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Hurricane Irene in 2011, severe winter storms such as the blizzards of 2013 and 2016, and tropical storms like Hurricane Henri in 2021 and Tropical Storm Isaias in 2020. Being a coastal community, Center Moriches is also prone to occasional flooding events, particularly during high tide combined with heavy rainfall or storm surges. Given that climate change is likely to produce more unpleasant weather for Center Moriches, it is prudent for residents to take steps to fortify their residences to ensure they can weather any future storms.

The Center Moriches Climate and Your Home
Center Moriches experiences a climate with hot, humid summers and cool winters, with average temperatures ranging from 81°F in the summer to 25°F in the winter. These significant seasonal temperature variations can be challenging for structures because expansion/contraction cycles may cause exterior materials like roof shingles to expand, contract, and potentially break.

High winds also pose a risk to homes in Center Moriches. The windiest months are January and February, with average wind speeds of 14.8 miles per hour, whereas July is the calmest month, with wind speeds averaging 9 miles per hour. Additionally, excessive rainfall is a concern, as rain is frequent throughout the year, with April being the wettest month and January the driest.

The humid summers in Center Moriches necessitate proper roof ventilation for homeowners. Inadequate ventilation can lead to moisture buildup in attic areas, causing interior damage.

Strong Roofs for Rough Weather in Center Moriches
It’s essential that Center Moriches residents take care that the protective roofs over their homes are in good shape and well-equipped to worst weather that Mother Nature can bring to this community. King Quality installs durable, high-quality roofs built to endure the occasionally extreme weather conditions affecting Center Moriches. Due to the seasonal temperature changes in Center Moriches, which can cause building materials to expand and contract, regular roof inspections are also essential. Moreover, with humidity levels rising during the warmer months, these inspections should always assess the roof’s ventilation capabilities.

Durable, Attractive Siding for Center Moriches
Severe weather can significantly damage your home’s exterior siding. High winds, rain, and debris can compromise the siding, letting moisture infiltrate the structure. King Quality’s KingWall siding is specially engineered to endure the harsh weather conditions often encountered in Center Moriches. This siding boasts an extra-large 6 to 7-inch reveal that doubles insulation performance and withstands any storm.

Strong, Attractive, Customizable Windows for Center Moriches
King Quality’s windows are ENERGY STAR-certified and tailored for Northeast weather conditions. As we say, they are “made on Long Island, for Long Islanders.” These windows feature high-performance, low-e glass coatings and fusion-welded multi-chamber frames and sashes, ensuring maximum durability and energy efficiency. We provide a wide range of window styles to enhance the unique character of your Center Moriches home.

King Quality Knows Center Moriches
With decades of experience in Suffolk County and exclusive access to top-quality building materials and expert, certified installers, King Quality is the preferred contractor for Center Moriches. We encourage you to check out our over 2,000 positive Google Reviews and testimonials to see the high quality of service we provide. Contact us at 631-573-0642 to schedule a free consultation and experience royal treatment for your Center Moriches home.

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