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Bethpage, NY is a pleasant hamlet within the town of Oyster Bay offering residents ample opportunities to enjoy the joys of a convenient suburban lifestyle. Once upon a time, Bethpage was home to Grumman, a notable manufacturer of combat aircraft and space vehicles. Today it hosts both a prominent film and television studio and Bethpage State Park, whose five excellent golf courses are sought after by golfers across the New York region.

Bethpage’s Weather Can Impact the Integrity of Your Home’s Siding
Unfortunately, Bethpage isn’t immune to the same kind of bad weather that can afflict other towns and hamlets on Long Island. While hurricanes and severe storms are rare, they can be devastating when they occur. When high winds are present, damage to your home’s exterior siding can happen. Once this protective siding is damaged, water can pass into your home, causing further damage. Another consequence of damaged siding is that insects can move into the siding. That’s why it’s important that Bethpage residents have siding on their homes that are strong and durable enough to withstand exposure to bad weather.

Sound-Insulating Siding Can Help Quash Noise from Major Rail Line in Bethpage
Siding doesn’t just protect your home from the weather – it protects it against unwanted noises. Bethpage is bisected by the Main Line of the Long Island Railroad, which is traversed by many high-speed trains each day. Noise from these trains can be annoying and stressful to homeowners whose homes whose siding does not properly insulate against exterior noise. Fortunately, King Quality offers extra-thick KingWall siding, which feature extra-large 6 to 7-inch reveals. Made of ultra-durable material, this siding can withstand wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour – within range of a category three hurricane or F2 tornado – while serving as a protective barrier against noises from outside.

King Quality’s Expertise and Track Record Make It the Preferred Choice for Siding in Bethpage
Your Bethpage home deserves the finest in siding, and King Quality can make this a reality. Our extensive on-the-job experience, exclusive partnerships with leading manufacturers, and willingness to back every siding project with lifetime warranties make it the preferred choice for siding in Bethpage. King Quality’s siding installers are highly trained and well qualified to install siding that endures and protects Bethpage homes from bad weather and loud noises for many years to come. Reach out to us today at 631-573-0642 to arrange a complimentary consultation—and experience royal treatment for you and your Bethpage home.

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