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Situated on the South Shore of Long Island, Atlantic Beach, New York, is a charming seaside community offering residents and visitors a fun, relaxing, beach-oriented lifestyle. But Atlantic Beach has had many bouts with bad weather in the past. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy exacted enormous destruction in Atlantic Beach. The superstorm – whose effects included a huge storm surge — caused extensive damage to hundreds of homes and severely damaged the village’s infrastructure. And while hurricanes as destructive as Sandy are rare, Atlantic Beach, as its name denotes, is right on the Atlantic Ocean, a body of water that is known to regularly serve up damaging storms.

Strong Siding is a Must in Atlantic Beach
Severe weather conditions, particularly strong winds, heavy rain, and potential impacts from debris, can potentially harm the siding safeguarding your home in Atlantic Beach. When siding sustains damage, water infiltration may compromise the structure, leading to costly interior repairs. Therefore, it’s imperative that the siding on your Atlantic Beach residence be robust, long-lasting, and resilient enough to withstand assaults from harsh weather.

KingWall Siding: Robust Protection for Atlantic Beach

King Quality installs resilient and durable siding designed to fortify homes in Atlantic Beach against harsh weather conditions. Our KingWall siding boasts an extra-large 6 to 7-inch reveal, enhancing insulation performance and ensuring resilience against storms. As a general principle, thicker siding offers greater protection for your home. Crafted from ultra-durable materials, KingWall siding can withstand wind speeds of up to 110 miles per hour, akin to those encountered in a category three hurricane. Additionally, this siding effectively dampens external noises, including those from passing aircraft and vehicles.

Are you prepared to reinforce and improve the durability of your Atlantic Beach residence with top-notch siding? King Quality stands behind each siding project with lifetime warranties, certified, and award-winning installers, along with convenient monthly payment plans. Our proven track record offers Atlantic Beach homeowners peace of mind when selecting a siding contractor. We would be delighted to transform your Atlantic Beach home into a resilient, weather-resistant stronghold. Reach out to us today at 631-573-0642 to arrange a free consultation—and experience royal treatment for you and your Atlantic Beach home.

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