Lose the Ladder! Make Life Easy with Long Island Gutter Guards

There is more to preparing for the fall season than fertilizing your lawn, closing your pool, storing your outdoor furniture, and adjusting your thermostat. Your gutters need the same tender loving care as the rest of your home. And gutter guards could be the most important home upgrade to save you time, money, energy, and stress.

Fall brings a beautiful change in the leaves. But the same gorgeous blossoms of the season can also infiltrate your gutters faster than you can rake them into a pile for the kids to play in. Homes with clogged gutters create more problems than homes with no gutters at all. The health of your whole home hinges on the health of your gutters.

Gutter guards cost money upfront but quickly pay for themselves in simpler maintenance, stronger gutters, and greater longevity. Relinquish the dirty, drawn-out, and dangerous process of cleaning the gutters and replenish all the resources you would have otherwise spent on maintenance and water damage repair—all for a little more peace of mind. Contact us for a free consultation.


A boost in value

Gutter guards add structural integrity and value to your home. Gutter guards add to the strength of your gutters, boosting their performance, extending their lifespan, and reducing the chance of gutter repair or gutter replacement. The home improvement industry expects gutter guards to graduate from a home upgrade to a standard home element. Homes with gutter guards will sell faster and for more money than homes without them.


The power of “less”

Climbing up on a ladder to clean the gutters tops the list of risks homeowners take in maintaining a home. Installing gutter guards means fewer rooftop ventures this fall season and a smaller chance of common hazards such as fall accidents and electric shock from exposed wiring. More protection for your gutters also means:

  • Less potential damage to walls, fascia boards, roofs, and the gutters themselves.
  • Less maintenance than climbing up on a ladder to clean the gutters three or more times in a single season.
  • Less stagnant water to create rot, rust, mold, moisture, and severe water damage.
  • Less excess rain water to spill over your gutters and collect around your home’s foundation.


Defend against damage

From interior water leaks to sagging gutters to mold, gutter guards can prevent damage to your roof, walls, siding, foundation, and landscaping. Leaf, twig, pine needle, and other debris build-up can clog your gutters. Water flowing under the eaves can penetrate your roof and damage your walls and roof timbers. Gutter guards help prevent a world of damage to your home.


Evict the nasty neighbors

Gutters are second homes for insects and pests. When the temperature drops towards the end of the fall season, insects love a warm place—like a clogged gutter—to nest up and breed. Dark, moist, debris-laden gutters create an insect’s dream home. Birds, mice, and other rodents also love to invade and nest in your gutters. Gutter guards put a lock on the door to keep your unwanted guests out.


Types of gutter guards

Four main types of gutter guards—mesh, bottle brush, reverse curve, and foam—help keep you off the ladder and down from the roof this fall.

  • Mesh gutter guards: Metal sheets filled with tiny holes attach to the roof shingles and cover the gutter. This simple to use guard prevents buildup of leaves and debris.
  • Bottle brush gutter guards: Made of bristles that face upright inside the gutter, this type of guard collects debris while allowing a natural flow of water.
  • Reverse curve gutter guards: This type of guard helps position water downward while directing leaves and debris to fall down to the ground.
  • Foam gutter guards: Made of plastic that fits directly into the gutter, this type of guard helps block debris from entering the gutter.


Royal treatment for you and your home

From gutter guard installation to gutter repair to gutter replacement, King Quality leverages decades on the job to upgrade your Long Island home and treat you like royalty. We also offer home improvement services such as roofing, siding and replacement windows. Serving Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island, New York. Schedule a free consultation today.

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