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King Quality Construction Inc. carries the EXCLUSIVE line of Cedar Ridge Composite Siding, which gives you the beautiful look of wood at half the price. You can relax with our siding installation. This maintenance-free siding panel resists warping, rotting, cracking, moisture, insects, and flame spread.

Only King Quality Construction Inc. uses large 16’ panels, so you’ll see more of your home’s beautiful new siding and fewer seams. Our vinyl siding contractors know how to produce outstanding results.

The FLAGSHIP of current siding technology, CEDAR RIDGE “Solid Core” acrylic siding, is siding with exceptional performance.


Choose Cedar Ridge Rigid Core Acrylic Siding for your Long Island Home with King Quality Construction Inc. Composite Siding by Cedar Ridge is a composite siding with a natural beauty that invites comparison with “real wood” siding. Its natural grain look says “this must be the real thing,” and the WideBoard planks match the look of the most popular wood sidings. Cedar Ridge "solid core" acrylic siding comes in a wide variety of today's most popular exterior colors.
Siding With Exceptional Performance
  • Only Cedar Ridge "solid core" acrylic siding gives you the “LEXSTAR” difference. This exclusive formulation is the “skin” that locks out weather, wind, sun, and time, and locks in the natural beauty.
  • Our Performance Purple Cedar Ridge rigid core backing includes Perform Guard to help repel termites and carpenter ants.
  • The Cedar Ridge rigid core backing system fortifies corners and other areas most vulnerable to heat loss and damage. 
  • 300% more impact resistant
  • Virtually maintenance-free siding
  • Never needs painting
  • Withstands winds up to 130mph
  • Locks out noise - up to 45% more than vinyl siding
  • 17 better air infiltration protection than vinyl siding with backer board
Cedar Ridge composite siding is guaranteed for the life of the structure. Transferable to all future owners.

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Exterior Design Possibilities

The impact of changing your siding, trim and color is transformational. The ability to recreate this effect as often as you choose, from any screen or mobile device with an intuitive online design tool is simply inspirational.

Take a look at what your home or an example home would look like with new siding, doors and more!

Cedar Ridge

Impervious Sealant
Lexstar™ Coating

Constructed with a patented space-age material that derived from American Aerospace Technology. The thermal and yield properties act as a thermal barrier and impact diffusion membrane. This siding will look as good on day 6000 as it does on day one, and you’ll never have to paint it.
Strength & Durability
300% Stronger Than Vinyl

Cedar Ridge Siding is 300% stronger than standard vinyl siding, is 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement siding, and will not crack or warp like wood siding. This siding will remain unchanged even through extreme temperature fluctuations and can withstand winds up to 130 mph.
Extra Insulation
Reduce Noise and Save Energy

With an insulated, rigid core backing, Cedar Ridge composite siding is one of the most energy-efficient siding materials offered today. Composite siding has an R-value of 4.0. When you compare it to one inch of wood siding with an R-value of 1.0, our Cedar Ridge gives you 4 times the insulating value of wood. The insulating foam will also reduce outside noise by 45%.
Insulated Siding
Cedar Ridge, like most composite siding, can be applied over your old siding, thus increasing your R-value and helping you save money on new installation. Cedar Ridge is the only insulated siding that uses Neopor®, a graphite enhanced EPS foam that increases the R-value* — or measure of thermal resistance by up to 19% versus traditional insulation.

In addition to being able to withstand 200 mph winds and being 300% stronger than regular siding, Cedar Ridge also comes with exclusive graphite insulation. Cedar Ridge insulation panels reduce energy costs and allow you to insulate the beams of your house. The best way to wrap your house is in Cedar Ridge siding that has the insulation built right into the siding itself. It's no longer necessary to use additional insulation when using Cedar Ridge siding.
What is Composite Siding?
There are a wide variety of siding options available for your home’s re-siding project. One choice that strikes an excellent balance between cost and performance is composite siding. This term describes siding made up of dissimilar materials bonded together to increase performance.
Types of Composite Siding
There are three types of composite siding: engineered wood, acrylic and fiber cement siding. Each of these siding types has its own defining characteristics.

1. Engineered Wood. Engineered wood siding is made from wood products that are mixed with fillers and binders, heated, and then pressed into boards. A decorative layer is bonded into the boards to replicate the look of natural wood. The boards are then treated to resist mildew, rot and insects. The result is less expensive than natural wood siding, is more durable and requires less upkeep.
2. Acrylic. Acrylic composite siding is a solid-core vinyl siding product that incorporates a polymer mixture, rigid core backing, insulation and a thermal barrier coating into the composite. This siding is known for its strength, impact resistance and noise reduction and insulating properties. King Quality Construction Inc. offers the only acrylic composite siding available, Cedar Ridge Siding by Crane. 

3. Fiber Cement. Fiber cement siding is made from a mixture of sand, cement, water, and cellulose that is steam heated and formed into planks. The result is a durable product that is resistant to damage, rot and insects. Fiber cement siding requires less maintenance than wood siding and is typically guaranteed to last 50 years, although it will need to be repainted after 10 to 15 years. Fiber cement siding is also flame retardant.

Our siding comes complete with a lifetime warranty. We offer special financing through a third-party provider for qualified customers. Call to learn more.

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