GAF Visit

GAF Visit

King Quality Construction Inc. is Long Island’s Best Source for Roofing

Thank you to GAF, located in Parsippany, NJ, for inviting King Quality Construction Inc. to their Corporate facility. It was a huge honor to be invited. 
GAF moved to its current location in early 2015, and The King Quality Construction Inc. Team had a chance to see the new 33,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Within moments of their arrival, it was obvious that such a customer focused company was utilizing its new facility to create value for its customers in so many new ways.

Touring the office, The King Quality Construction Inc. team met with Brian Kimber, VP of Sales; Jim Schnepper, Executive VP; Jim Slauson, VP GM of Specialty Products; Julia Giermanski, Marketing Analyst; and Emily Videtto, VP of Shingles and New Product Development. The GAF team was so wonderful in answering industry specific questions and listening to ideas from the experienced King Quality Construction Inc. Roofing Team. 

King Quality Construction's President, Jeff Brett was also interviewed about the new Glenwood Shingle. King Quality Construction Inc. will be featured in GAF's 2016 brochure featuring their recent work using the Glenwood Shingle. Conducting the interview was Alyssa Hall, Director of Marketing and Communication. 

Team King Quality Construction Inc. was then escorted on a tour of the GAF Roofing Headquarters by Sundher Ganesh Duvvuri, Research and Development Team. As a group, they were able to see the research and development area of GAF.
R & D makes constant improvements to its quality roofing products, making GAF the #1 selling shingle brand in North America. Not only was King Quality Construction Inc. able to see shingles being tested and created, but were able to give feedback on the products they use daily. 

GAF gives its contractors a voice to help improve their products and meet their clients’ specific needs. It is GAF’s main goal to help contractors, like King Quality Construction Inc., build their businesses by providing the right roofing technology to meet their needs.

King Quality Construction Inc. represents a very small community of GAF roofing contractors nationwide who have been approved for the GAF Presidential Club status. Contractors must surpass several expectations set forth by GAF. These include 25 perfect roof inspections in a year with ongoing education and certifications.

King Quality Construction Inc. also represents 2% of GAF contractors nationwide who have been awarded the prestigious Master Elite Status. 

Jeff Brett, King Quality Construction’s President, was also honored this year by GAF and asked to mentor roofing contractors nationwide as an expert in his field. He travels the country and shares his best tips and practices and consults other roofing contractors.

Thank You to GAF

For Having King Quality Construction Inc. At Your Amazing Facility!
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